PEZY-SC3 Processor and Module

The PEZY-SC3 processor is an MIMD processor for High Performance Computing (HPC) and is next generation of the PEZY-SC2, providing 4,096 Processor Engine (PE) cores running at high speed with low power consumption.

MOD-SC3H module card is an accelerator module equipped with PEZY-SC3 processor. It significantly reduces power loss in the board by using 48V power supply.


PEZY-SC3 processor


MOD-SC3H  module card



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PEZY-SC3 Processor specification

Process 7nm Performance 19.66 TFLOPS (DP)
39.32 TFLOPS (SP)
78.64 TFLOPS (HP)
Chip Size 25.6x30.6 mm Memory Bandwidth 1.23 TB/s (HBM2)
51.2 GB/s (DDR4)
Chip Area 786 mm2 CPU (Controller) MIPS64/P6600
6 Core x 2 Cluster
Power Consumption 470 W On Chip Memory L1D: 8MB
L1I: 16MB
L2D: 16MB
L2I:  8MB
Scratch Pad: 98MB
Core (PE) Clock 1.2 GHz
CPU (MIPS) Clock 1.5 GHz
Core Voltage 0.75 V
Number of PE(Core) 4,096



MOD-SC3H module card specification

Processor, memory

Processor:  1x PEZY SC3  Clock(max): 1.5GHz(CPU),  1.2GHz(SC3)
Memory: DDR4 SDRAM max 64GB
Interface 3x PCIExpress Gen4 x16
Power Consumption max 500W